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Project Description

Amy & Steve Sever are multiple 7-figure earners in the Network Marketing Industry, with a reputation for building teams from the ground, up.  Amy says, “I focus on networkers that haven’t yet realized they are networkers. Most people just need the right path.”  Steve adds, “We build people through personal development, then the teams tend to build themselves.”

Originally a Sports Massage Therapist, Amy got involved in the fitness industry in 2000, and in just two years won 1st Place in the North American Nova Championship and 2nd in the World Galaxy Competition.  Steve comes from the broadcast industry and traditional marketing.  He has also been an acclaimed audiobook narrator.

Steve & Amy entered Network Marketing part time in 1996, started full time in 2003 and earned their first two million dollars in just 3 years. They moved to Australia for a year in 2013, then retired to the family ranch in West Texas in 2014.  According to Amy, “We were concerned because we saw too much instability with most companies.”  Their retirement proved short-lived however, when David Nieves showed them Kyani in 2014.  They both agree, “We’ve looked for this company for over 20 years. We’re finally home, and we couldn’t be happier!”