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Project Description

Andrew “Cowabunga” Lee has been an entrepreneur all his life, which has allowed him to travel the world and live a lifestyle of adventure and experience. He is a classically-trained professional opera singer and is currently on staff with Hawaii Opera Theater, has worked as an international fashion and fitness model, and as his name suggests, is an avid surfer, hiker, waterfall climber, and waterman. He started his first business at age 16 and since then has created and been involved in numerous companies as a CEO, investor, design director, venture capitalist, general partner, consultant, and was even one of the youngest Presidents ever to serve for a publicly traded fashion company on the NASDAQ. He opened his first retail store at the Age of 22 in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, and shortly expanded in multiple locations, before deciding that he was more interested in creating fashion trends rather than selling them in stores. In 2008, he opened one of the most widely-spread boutique fashion companies in the premium market designing and distributing 7 clothing brands worldwide in stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dillards, and JC Penney. Through a license with Warner Brothers DC Comics properties, he was able to create a distribution of superhero merchandise in 28 countries around the world and over 6000 stores. This is his first adventure in the network marketing industry. He has a passion for helping people and is excited to be part a company focused on total health and wellness as well as mentorship and a team environment. After only 4 months using the Team Fusion system, he achieved the rank of Emerald and has been able to help lots of his friends and family qualify for the dream car program! He spends his time between Southern California, Hawaii, and Chicago and views this company as a passion project and a mission to change lives!