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Project Description

Just 3 years ago, I embarked on a journey with Kyäni without knowing exactly what was in store for my future. The one thing that I had was a belief that it could work. I had to make it work because I was so tired of feeling “over-worked and under-paid” with my full-time career.

My name is Brad Parkhill and I got involved in the Direct Sales Industry just over 6 years ago with another company. During that first go in the industry I followed that company’s system exactly. I couldn’t ever seem to get it to work. I was beginning to feel as if I was wasting my time! Then I was introduced to Kyäni. I quickly discovered that it wasn’t me that was broken, but it was the complexity of the system that I had been using. I got started with Kyäni and the very first Thursday following my start date I received my first check…and they just kept coming! I was still working my full time job over 50 hours a week as an Operations Manager for a $3 million company. Just by working a few hours a week part-time around my busy schedule I was seeing rapid growth through Kyäni’s compensation plan.

After 36 days in the company I was told that I was able to go pick out a brand new Audi! On my 6-month Anniversary with the company I was able to walk away from “corporate America” and make my dreams become a reality! Today, it’s continued to grow! I have no college degree… no prior success… I had never used a passport. I have now traveled to multiple different countries around the world and have built a business that is generating $18 million dollars per year in annual revenue and climbing! My entire family is now involved and it truly has been the best decision of my life!!