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Project Description

Casey Salge has been working in corporate America for the last 17+ years and is currently at a $16 Billion Chemical company where he leads a global Project Management Office organization of 42+ project managers. Casey decided many years ago that he needed to be in a different race. The current rat race was getting tiresome. He’s been very successful in Corporate America, but not satisfied.

Casey has been on a hunt for residual income for years. He also owns a traditional business on the side, real estate holdings, online ventures, but the Network Marketing business model has been a true passion for close to 8 years. He just loves the already proven system, “I was with another network marketing company for 7 years. In that company, working part time on it while at my full time corporate career, I was able to rise to the top 350 people in a company of 350,000 distributors.” His hard work landed him on the cover of two Success From Home Magazines.

The exposure of those magazines brought a lot of opportunities Casey’s way, but nothing beat what he was doing for 7 years with that other company. That is, until he was introduced to the Triangle of Health and this completely unique compensation plan. “As a Professional in the Network Marketing space, I knew the questions to ask. I did research at a level that most people don’t know exists. When I realized what God had blessed me with, I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t let pass me by. I walked away from the other company where I was in the top 0.1% to join Kyani and Team Fusion. It was without a doubt the best business decision of my life.”

Casey’s amazing wife, Carrie is now a stay at home mother for their 3 beautiful children as a result of what this opportunity has done for them. She also manages their traditional business that they are planning on selling because of the benefits of Kyani and Team Fusion’s system.

Casey is an established leader, speaker, trainer, and heading the expansion of Team Fusion in Houston, TX. Soon he will have earned his place in the Millionaire Club by helping others on his team achieve their personal and financial goals.