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Project Description

In 2001, Dana was introduced to the industry of Network Marketing, and like many people who discover the industry; he at first dabbled with it and never gave it his all.  After all, he was only a blue-collared worker,… an introverted  CNC Machinist with no college degree, no success, no credibility, and no business being in business!  He was also focusing on his college career in the medical profession, in addition to working his full time job.  However, after being laid off from a job where his personal friend was the owner of the company, he realized the truth about “job security”.  It was not only a myth, it was a bold-faced lie!  That is when he decided to give Network Marketing a fair chance.

Today, after almost two decades of being involved at different capacities of the industry, Dana Harper has become a leading expert in the Network Marketing profession.  From being a top- performing distributor in the field, to working on the corporate side of Network Marketing companies as a Training and Development specialist, Dana’s Network Marketing career has given him a broad range of experience.   This unique experience that helped him to evaluate different companies and opportunities over the years, and when Kyäni crossed his path, he knew he had his hands on something very special.

Three things about Kyäni and Team Fusion caught Dana’s attention: Products that were making a huge impact in people’s lives, a ground floor opportunity in many areas around the world, and a unique Done-For-You business model that was changing the way people worked from home.  Dana achieved the position of Emerald and started making a 5-figure a month income within 3 months of joining the business.  Shortly after, he and his business partner built multiple positions to Diamond and Above and they have no indication of slowing down.  Today, Dana has a Kyäni sales organization totaling TENS of THOUSANDS of distributors in over 18 countries.  His biggest pride is seeing so many people achieve success within Kyäni and the team, and his mission is to ensure that many more make their way to the top!