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Project Description

My name is Darren Birks. I’m a 31 year old entrepreneur, business owner and realtor from Boston. I lost both of my parents to cancer, my mom when I was 14, my father when I was 21, and was homeless in my early 20’s. Being alone I was forced to think outside the box to survive so I started creating businesses. I have lived the up and down life of an entrepreneur but have been lucky to be successful enough to live my life on my terms because I won’t conform to a 9-5. I have built many businesses over the years but the most recent was a romance novel cover business. I built this from scratch by teaching myself photography and retouching off of YouTube. Built a clientele through FB and created close to a multiple 6 figure income from there. About 20 months ago another opportunity came my way and even though I was busy I still analyzed it, I never not look at an opportunity, and what I found was amazing. I saw people that I know making crazy money, people being helped with their health and a lot of fun being had. I jumped in and was able to hit a 6 figure position in 4 months. I’ve been able to help many people reach the dream car level, hundreds of people obtain residual income and countless testimonials about better health and people’s personal growth. The crazy part is if you took all the money, cars, watches, etc. away, I would still be here! The value that people are adding to each other’s lives on levels deeper than tangible objects is incredible . The bonds and connections being made are amazing. The growth that each individual can gain from this movement and team is priceless. My team is now 800+ people strong. My team is the reason I wake up in the morning. They are the reason I put in extra hours after I’m already tired from my other businesses. They are the reason I have a family now when before I didn’t. Helping them reach every one of their dreams is my true mission. The butterfly effect that you can start in this is insane. I’ve found many ways to make a great living in life but if you ever wanted to leave a big impact on the world, this is the place to do it. I am so grateful for everything that being an entrepreneur and that this company has brought into my life. “Life is hard. Nothing that is worth it comes easy, but if you listen to the right mentors and put your effort in the right places you can and will succeed!”