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Project Description

David Daniel has been working in the fire service for almost 20 years and is currently a Lieutenant at the Austin Fire Department. Firefighting was definitely his calling. “I absolutely love it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else as a full time job.” With his schedule, he has always looked for additional ways to make income. He started a few small companies and even dabbled in real estate with absolutely no success. Luckily he was introduced to the network marketing industry in 2009 and got his first taste of residual income. “It totally transformed my lifestyle.” After his first couple of years of being in the industry, he promoted to the top 0.1% of the company and replaced his wife’s income as a full time CPA. She was able to retire and be a stay at home mom with their two kids. “Time freedom is very important to me. I have a couple more years in the fire dept, then I will retire and be able to watch my kiddos grow up.” was introduced to Kyani in May of ’16. He was not looking for another company at the time, but when he saw the compensation plan and what the triangle of health was doing for people it was a no brainer. “It was a very big decision to walk away from the success I was having from my other company to start over with Kyani, but is was absolutely the best decision I have ever made.” David is blessed to be apart of Kyani and the Team Fusion Family and looks forward to helping millions of people around the World. “For the people that are reading this that spend their time away from their families and/or things that you love….I would highly recommend finding residual income. Kyani is my vehicle for residual income and my home until I die.”