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Project Description

Hi everyone!  My name is Frankie Lanosa 😁

Before being introduced to Kyani I was a broke College Student living paycheck to paycheck working as Bartneder 5pm-5am 5 days a week.

When I first heard of Kyani I really had no interest in putting another thing to do on my plate, but I just could not get over the fact that I was not living my life on my terms but yet living my life on my Boss’s terms.

So when I fully understood what Kyani had to offer me, I seen that Team Fusion and the Done For You Model gave me the opportunity to take back the destiny of my life and finally start living my life on my terms.

Now after getting involved with Kyani and with the leadership & mentorship of Team Fusion within 58 days I was able to hit the rank of Diamond and create a multiple six figure income for me and my family but also bless a lot of people on the way. I now look forward to passing on the Kyani opportunity to as many people as I possibly can so that they can also experience the opportunity to be blessed by Kyani like my family and I were so tremendously blessed.💯💎🙏🏼