Franzua Rudder & Sachelle Kellier 2017-08-14T06:27:20+00:00

Project Description

We are Blue Diamonds from Toronto, Ontario Canada and have been in Kyani for 23 months and love every aspect of the business. Franzua went to school to be a lawyer but soon realized that most lawyers had money but no time So went looking for alternative ways to make money and get further faster in life. He was first introduced to the industry of network marketing 9 years ago, where he had previously achieved success however was still was yearning for a way to truly impact other peoples lives on a global scale.
Sachelle works in immigration for the Jamaican government in Canada and along with Franzua had prior network marketing experience but was also looking for more out of life.

When introduced to Kyani and Team Fusions business model and core values we got started right away. Our approach at the beginning was to be focused and consistent so we looked to champion the opportunity in Canada. We hit Diamond in under 5 months and Blue Diamond in 12 months respectively. We believe that Kyani truly gives the average person the ability to live an above average lifestyle while helping many people along the way with health and wellness. As much as we have accomplished since our start we believe there is much more work to do and many more people to help. Our dream is to one day be in position to lead the expansion of Kyani into the carribbean as our roots and heritage is from there and we look forward to a prosperous future as we strive to impact millions of lives.