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Project Description

Hilary schultz grew up in Arlington Washington of the great Pacific Northwest. No stranger to entrepreneurship as her father was a significant contributor to the logging industry and development of much of western Washington. Although her father had a tremendous amount of success, she saw the lifestyle and stress with the types of businesses he was involved in. Instead of traditional business, she chose to pursue her passion for Medicine. Hilary worked through out Central America as Medical Director for local clinics. Responsible for fund raising and supply in order for thousands to be impacted. It is her desire to help others that attracted her to the industry of direct sales. In October of 2015, she was introduced to Kyani, and found her home. Hilary has worked with Kyani part time while fighting and dealing with a cancer diagnosis and has triumphed. Drowning in medical debt, she didn’t let circumstance get in the way, hitting Diamond in 5 months, her life was forever changed. She is currently studying Business and Medicine at Harvard University all while helping others to pursue and live out their dreams with Kyani and Team Fusion.