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Project Description

A couple of years ago, we were introduced to Kyani. Our son, Miles Stallard, brought it to us. We made the decision to give the product a try. We made this decision mostly to support our kids, which were both involved with the company by this time. A few short days after being on the triangle of health, both of us saw amazing results with this all natural supplement… and we were hooked! As traditional business owners, we knew that with a product this powerful, and a solid business model, we could make some significant income without interfering with our current business. We started building our business, and within 7 months, we hit the position of Diamond. This is a family business for us. Our son and daughter are both elite diamonds as well (along with their spouses). We have had so much fun traveling around the country, building our family business with the greatest company in the world!! We LIVE Kyani!