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Project Description

Maria was born and raised in Guatemala city, moved to Nashville at the age of 10, and has lived there ever since. She graduated college in 2013 with a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and was excited about becoming a doctor because she knew that she would impact many lives while also making a good income for herself ( coming from a third world country that was important to her, to be able to help her family financially).
She was introduced to this industry for the first time in 2014 with a previous venture, where she did not have much luck, not because of her lack of work ethic but because she was not in the right vehicle. She got involved with Kyani back in January of 2016 and was blessed to hit the position of Diamond in 89 days.
The money for her is a blessing in this business, but what she is most excited about is the time freedom that she has, to do what she wants with whoever she wants, the fact that she gets to wake up when she’s done sleeping, not when the alarm goes off! Traveling the world and not having to worry about a certain time or day to be back by, because she can run her business through a mobile app! Her goal is to teach people how they CAN have the life they always dreamt of and deserve with Kyani. Her hope is that her story will inspire other individuals to believe that anyone can have whatever level of success they want, as long as they have the desire, work ethic and are willing to be coachable!

John was born and raised in Chicago, but ended up going to college at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. While he was there he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and started his own business at age 21. It was a mobile app for nightlife venues, and after tasting the lifestyle of a business owner, he realized that he could never look back. After graduating in 2013, John was introduced to the industry of network marketing with a different company, and fell in love with the fact that you could make unlimited passive income with little to no overhead. While he was building his organization in Nashville and Chicago, he noticed a few friends having success with Kyani so he decided to look into it. Once he did, he noticed the night and day difference and was sold not just from the products and compensation plan, but because of the impeccable leadership and system.