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Project Description

Before Kyani, Julia and Brandon loved their careers but truly lacked any time freedom within their marriage and we’re in quite a bit of debt.

Brandon, who grew up in a small town in Ohio, is active duty Navy and has served for over 13 years. After several deployments he took a job as an instructor in San Diego where he currently still works 60-70 hours a week. Reputation is everything to him and while he’s been approached by dozens of companies he was blown away by the Kyäni products but needed to make sure the system would compliment his busy lifestyle. After turning down the opportunity numerous times he finally met Double Red Diamond James Bradford, evaluated the DFY model, saw the incredible leadership that was willing to work in the trenches with the team, and jumped in head first.

His wife, Julia, was not at all interested in the opportunity at all. From a professional standpoint, she worked her way up to top positions in the corporate world. While most of her career was spent as an international marketing consultant and creative director for different Advertising Agencies, she was tired of working long hours because it meant less time with her family. She hated the hours so much that she resigned to start her own Marketing Company that she currently runs. Outside her professional life she won her Pro Card as a professional physique competitor and since then, had been approached by many armatures about product based opportunities but never found one she truly believed in and disliked some of the social media tactics she came across. Completely turned off by the industry, she was extremely negative about network marketing in general, so much that Brandon actually got her started into the business without her knowing, but when she experienced how the triangle of health impacted own life and some of her closest friends, she dove all in.

Today, Julia and Brandon are building a fast growing organization out of the San Diego market leading professionals to self-empowerment, and personal growth by helping people unlock their freedom: financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.