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Project Description

Hey everyone!! My name is Kris Groves and I am 30 years old. Married to my beautiful wife and father of two beautiful boys. I am from Atlanta Georgia and currently reside in San Diego , Ca !!

Prior to Kyani I had no network marketing or online marketing experience!!
I was introduced to Kyani by another good friend of mine who I served in the Navy with. He gave me the product to help with tendonitis issues in my elbow and within a weeks time I was stunned with the results. My energy my sleep and overall feeling from the product was amazing and I knew I had something I had to share with everyone.

After learning that the network marketing industry creates more millionaires than any other industry on earth I decided to go all in and absolutely crush this.

After following the system and leadership in only a short 1 & 1/2 yrs I hit diamond, a position that pays on average $14,000 monthly!!
(See income disclosure:

My life today is completely different. I have grown into a better person and never thought I’d be creating this type of income. I had a 20 year plan to stay in the military and I never would have made this kind of money and helped this many people.

In addition to that my team and I have helped qualify over 20 different people in my organization for the dream car program, and a $1,400 a month income!!

I was also able to buy my dream car. A Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and my dream bike a Ducati 848 Nicky Hayden edition (1 of 250 ever made!)

If you see opportunity for yourself like I did then hop on board , give it everything you’ve got and don’t look back !!