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Project Description

Hi! I’m Lauren Moore.
2 1/2 years ago I was full time in nursing school with no time, no money, and no knowledge of the industry of network marketing. I saw Kyani and immediately fell in love with the natural nutritional products that were super simple.

Being at the hospital and in class 90% of the time was tough when all I wanted to do was share the product and the vision Kyani offers. Thanks to the Done For You model that Team Fusion provides it made it super simple for me even with my jam-packed schedule.

My team and I achieved the rank of Diamond with the company in 7 months and a month later I decided to put my efforts into Kyani full-time. I’m now able to give back more than ever before and truly experience time-freedom. There’s nothing else out there that can provide this lifestyle and fulfillment in one place. I thank God for giving me an open mind and a work ethic that just doesn’t quit. I’m a child of the lord, a freedom enthusiast, a game changer and I LIVE KYANI! 💕