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Project Description

Once considered the industry’s biggest skeptic, Lloyd Williams has become a perfect example of a network marketing success story, earning over six-figures in his traditional job as well as creating a multiple six figure income in Kyani as a Blue Diamond. Lloyd was able to hit the position of Diamond in his first 90 days in the industry and hit the position of Blue Diamond in his first 12 months in the industry with absolutely no network marketing experience and while holding a Director level position in Corporate America as well as going to school full time to earn a PhD. Lloyd holds an MBA degree as well as a Congress of New Urbanism Certification from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture. He is a proud Military Veteran. He has a team of literally thousands of people in 9 countries and countless cities. He was recently featured on MLM Nation with Simon Chan. In addition, he is a best-selling author of a book which went number 1 in Amazon in its first week called “Table of Dreams” that talks about his journey going from the industry’s absolute biggest skeptic to a top income earner. “I had to learn a brand-new industry and get rid of a lot of preconceived notions about MLM. I thought all these types of companies were pyramids and scams”. I was raised and taught that formal education was the key to achieving the American Dream. Boy was I wrong. Network Marketing is a beautiful industry that gives ordinary people the opportunity to do extraordinary things. The key though is not only to find the right company, but to find the right mentor. Not only did I find the most amazing company, but I found the right mentors. Without the right mentors, the company one chooses becomes irrelevant. Many teams have failed without the right coach. I want to be that “right coach” and pay it forward to our team and help them reach amazing life-changing massive success.