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Project Description

We are Luis & Lorena Leal, born in Tijuana Mexico, have been dedicated to tradicional businesses for over 20 years, all based on linear income. We have professional careers, but when we heard about the industry a few years back, we understood that the magic in Network Marketing is residual income, where you can have impressive exponential growth, and we became aware that that is where true Financial Freedom comes from.

Nevertheless, what connected it’s to Kyani was the Product. After hearing so many testimonies, feeling the benefits ourselves, and seeing how it was impacting so many lives, we decided to build it in a professional and passionate manner in Mexico, and in so doing, became the first Team Fusion Diamonds in Mexico and Latin America, which is something that makes us feel not only proud, but with a great commitment and responsibility. We want to stress that none of this would have been possible without the leadership team that supports us.

We know that the best is yet to come, seeing that we are in a solid company with ethical values that has always led to success and blessings for those of us who believe in it. We do it with love and great passion! We live Kyani!