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Project Description

Prior to Kyani, I was working a full time job straight out of college. I went to school and graduated number 1 in my class as a Surgical Tech (ST). When I started applying for jobs, nobody would hire me because I did not have “enough experience”. Thankfully, God’s plan was better than my own. I ended up working in the Oil & Gas industry making more money than I ever would have as a ST. I was blessed with that job and thought I had it made. To my surprise, just a couple months after working there, the company as a whole went through a big layoff due to the industry. I had no “plan B” to fall back on, and at that point I definitely didn’t want to go back and try and be a ST.
Fortunately, I found Kyani at the most perfect time! I have always been an open minded person (especially to making money and new opportunities) and knew that I always wanted more out of life, but just wasn’t sure what it would be or how to do it. I had been in two other network marketing companies prior to Kyani but had little to no success. I wanted to take advantage of the Kyani opportunity but I was extremely hesitant, nervous and mostly afraid of failure. I realized that at that point in my life, I had to make a decision if I wanted things to change. I got started and immediately decided to take action.
Thanks to the product (which has now impacted SO many lives and continues to do so), the system (which is totally different from anything I have ever seen in this industry) and the “family-like” mentors/leadership, I was able to hit the position of Diamond and create a substantial 6 figure income within just 6 months. What I love most about my Mercedes the company pays for and the money that I have made, is that it is all just a direct reflection of the lives that have been impacted. If only every one could understand and know what I know about this company and this product, nobody would be able to say no to what we have here. WE ARE BLESSED & I LIVE KYANI!