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Project Description

Prior to Kyani neither of the Stallards had any network marketing or online marketing experience. Miles graduated from University of North Texas and was working 80+ hours a week as an independent insurance claims adjuster. Heidi was bartending 40-50 hours a week while going to school full time to finish her degree when they were first introduced to the Kyani opportunity & products.
Being as they had no experience and what they thought was “no time” the couple was skeptical and hesitant at first. However, they knew that in order for things to change, they had to make a change.

Realizing that they wanted more than to work for someone else, making other people’s dreams come true, they decided to make a bet on themselves in hopes on making their own dreams come true.

After following the system and leadership in only a short 10 months they hit green diamond and also share a second position that went diamond in 6 months.
Their lives today are completely unrecognizable from 2 years ago.

They are debt free, bought a beautiful 5,000 square foot home, travel the world, are now million dollar earners in Kyani. In addition to that they have also helped qualify over 16 different people in their family for the dream car program.

They believe their business is a ministry in itself and they value hard work, a willingness to learn and do better, and being servant leaders.