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Project Description

Former construction worker goes Network Marketing Pro!
Prior to my 14 years of fulltime network marketing, I was a construction worker, broke living in my parents basement. No college education, no skills warranting me being successful. I literally had no business being in business. Started with my previous company and after 6 months matched my jobs income by working part time, 1 hour a day, every day. Went fulltime with that company and after 12 years made it to the top realizing that I was making money at the expense of other people and not WITH them.
That is where Kyani and Team Fusion come in! 32 months ago made the decision to switch over and after 3 months in Kyani, building totally organic, without bringing a team over with me, matched the income that took me 12 years to produce in the other company! Currently hold the rank of Diamond, my business does over $20 Million per year in sales, 25,000+ people on my team in 40 countries. But more importantly I feel blessed to impact thousands of lives around the globe with our amazing products!