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Project Description

Diamonds in Kyani Kingwood, Texas. Proud parents of 3 grown daughters and 2 grand children. We have spent much of our careers in Public Education. Kimberly as a High School English Teacher and Cheer Coach. Rocky as a High School Football Coach and Business Teacher. Rocky also had experience in Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services as a business owner. We were First introduced to Network Marketing in our early 20’s. We really liked the concept of “people helping people” in building a business. Although we made several attempts at building a business we never had any success or found a home. We were introduced to the Kyani products in February of 2015. We fell in love with the all natural life changing benefits. The products literally gave us back a quality of life that we had lost. Knowing that the products had such tremendous value and knowing that we needed to do something to supplement our retirement savings we decided to really get serious about sharing the products and opportunity with others. Although we got of to a slower paced start – 72 day Jade. We were able to reach a Diamond Position within our first full 8 months in business while working our full time jobs. There are many ways to make additional income, but nothing more gratifying than helping others to improve thier overall quality of life through our amazing products and business opportunity. Kyani really stands out in the industry. From our top leading founders, the life changing products, the very generous compensation plan, to the Done for You Model of doing business. Kyani is a fantastic company to build a business around that will be here for generations to come. We are so grateful and blessed to have been introduced to this incredible company and the many other leaders, mentors and friends that make this the best in the industry. We look forward to blessing others on the journey. Come join US!!!! We absolutely LIVE AND LOVE KYANI.