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Project Description

Sandy Parker

For more than 20 years, Sandy Parker has been shining her light into audiences and women’s lives in such a way they open their hearts.  She helps women (and some men) reclaim their enthusiasm and vitality so they can live without regrets.  Life can so easily FLY BY without fulfilling our dreams!  A seasoned, smart, funny and courageous woman, Sandy is a Hay House author, speaker and coach.  You may have even seen her on a mobility scooter – proof positive that she does not let her limitations stand in her way.

In 2015, approaching 60 years of age without the future funding she needed to live life her way, she connected with Kyani through her long time friend Amy Sever.  Within a year, Sandy and her husband Rodney drove her brand new Mercedez c300 from Austin, Texas to Las Vegas for the first USA Road Rally and have been at every major event since!  If you ask her, she will say, “The best thing I did was SIGN UP.  Taking action is where everything good begins.”

She is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Lighten UP Global ( and founder of the Lighten UP Movement to support others in finding resources for a lighter, brighter life. Events like She Rocks, The Wishing Well, and Brilliance Over Brunch help women locate and activate areas of their life where they are ready to be more, do more and have more.