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Saran Kong & Shani Benishai 2017-08-16T02:38:33+00:00

Project Description

In 2008, Saran was just an 18 years old kid living in Las Vegas when the Great Recession happened. Watching financial struggle cripple his family, while recently graduating high school and doing the best he could working at Footlocker, he realized something had to change. That’s when fortune found him and he met a mentor – someone who changed the way he thought, so he could change his world. In 2009 Saran became an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry.

After 5 years in his first venture, Saran realized that the most growth was in his mindset, but much less growth in his bank account. Inconsistent success left him looking for a home that would meet the most important criteria in the industry if one was ever to truly succeed. He sought out exceptional leadership, simple and effective products, a lucrative compensation plan and a system for the masses to win. In 2015, Saran was introduced to Kyani and Team Fusion and he knew he had found his home. At the same time he met his life partner, Shani, who at the time worked in Las Vegas service industry. She saw her health declining from working irregular hours and had to find a way to get her health and life back. Fortunately for her, starting Kyani gave her both.

Their journey began in June of 2015 and after just 90 days they reached the rank of Blue Diamond and created a multiple six-figure income within their first 12 months. More than the dream cars and homes, they’ve been able to spend more time with family and live life without boundaries. Their time is now spent serving the team, helping others to reach their goals and greatest aspirations. Life changed for the couple because of a single decision and willingness to venture outside of their comfort zone. Today, they look forward to sharing Kyani’s life changing product with the world and helping to impact lives and lead people to their freedom. They are more excited than ever to see what the future holds, but they are most excited knowing that they get to create it!