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Project Description

Owns a traditional business, Kyani is her first network marketing company.

Texas-based skin care and beauty expert Sherry Smith has devoted her career to helping clients achieve a fresh, vibrant and more youthful appearance. Her local and international clientele includes many celebrities who consistently value her skill, discretion and high-tech array of non-invasive and highly effective cosmetic procedures. With more than 25 years of experience, Sherry believes the key to beauty is to appear naturally flawless and possess a youthful glow—to never look “done.” Sherry takes time with each consultation to learn a client’s needs and offer solutions and enhancements to suit them personally. It’s this dedication and professional approach that keeps devoted fans of this artful expert coming back for years, sometimes even flying into town from all over the world for regular “Sherry fixes.” Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists as well as many other boards, Sherry is respected by her peers and appreciated by her clients. In addition to being featured on TV network talk shows, she is a frequent speaker at continuing educationseminars for the medical profession, training physicians in the latest peel and laser treatments. She has been invited to do multiple studies for lasers and skincare new to the U.S. Sherry Smith attends several surgical and anti-aging conferences and training seminars yearly to keep current with the ‘latest and greatest’ in cosmetic surgery.