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Project Description

Sonia and Sara Ho are sisters who both fell in love with network marketing at an early age while attending college, Sonia studying business at CU Boulder and Sara studying biology at UT Dallas. Both of them loved the concept of being their own boss, working on their terms and creating an income and lifestyle that would allow them to retire their parents who had both made tremendous sacrifices coming from Vietnam to America to provide a better life for their family.

After going through various learning experiences in other companies, Sonia and Sara have finally found a home in Kyani. In their first year, they were able to clear $150,000 in their business together part-time around Sonia working full-time at Shell Oil Company and Sara in school full-time, working two jobs, preparing for to enter dental school. To show their gratitude for their parents, Sonia and Sara have been able to take their mom and dad on all-expense paid trips to Miami and Vietnam using the income they have earned through Kyani. Both Sonia and Sara earned two paid for cars by the company, Sara an Audi A4 and Sonia an Audi A3 convertible. Aside from the compensation for their hard work, Sara and Sonia’s favorite part about their journey is the people they have met and who they have become along the way. They have met world class entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and other iconic titans in the world of leadership and personal development.

“This business has brought us closer to each other and closer to the becoming two daughters our parents can really be proud of. We have absolutely loved being able to witness and have a hand in helping people in our team blossom into power-house leaders in business, better spouses and parents at home and happier citizens of the world who now wake up with significance and purpose. Nowhere else can someone come in with so little risk and such high support, start with a blank slate in the industry and grow into a person who can create a life most people only dream of.” Sonia and Sara look forward to traveling the world for dance which is their passion alongside supporting non-profits they will fund through Kyani. Sonia and Sara both feel so grateful to have not only have found network marketing at such a young age but more importantly to have said YES to an opportunity that has transformed their lives. Laser focused on the next diamond ranks, these sisters are more excited than ever to build a legacy for their families and empower and bless others with Kyani.