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Project Description

My name is Spencer Nguyen, prior to Kyani I’ve been involved in a couple of other Network Marketing companies and never experienced any real success. Quite frankly, I developed a negative view of the industry just based on my personal experience. Prior to the industry as a whole I was just an ordinary man trying to make it. I was attending college at University of Texas at Austin. Unsure what I wanted to do or become, I found Network Marketing through an acquaintance. I didn’t believe I would ever make big money in the industry, I just wanted to make some money. But through the industry, I fell in love with the personal development aspect of the industry as well as the mentorship. It was through the industry I learned to believe in myself and learned to change who I was so that I could change my life. I found Kyani through a few good friends of mine and I did not believe that they were going to be super successful in the company. Well in 18 months they proved me absolutely wrong and they made a multiple 7 figure income in that time frame. That’s when I knew the evidence left no room for my opinions. I decided to share the product with my family and they had a remarkable testimonial. That’s when I made a decision to go all in with Kyani and it has been the most amazing experience of my life. I am forever grateful to the founders, the company, our leadership, the product, our customers and our team. I look forward to helping this company go to a Billion dollars.