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Teanna Lai 2017-08-14T06:00:32+00:00

Project Description

Born and raised in Seattle, WA Teanna has been in the Network Marketing Industry as a professional for over 7 years. After attending the University of Washington she dabbled in multiple industries. She always knew she was an entrepreneur at heart but had just never been approached with the right opportunity. She discovered network marketing being recruited from a customer at her restaurant job and never looked back. Through the years she lived in Miami and Chicago building business there and about 3 years ago had her beautiful daughter Camille. Being a single Mother had its challenges, and that’s when she decided to move back home to Seattle and partnered up with Kyani and Team Fusion. She fell in love with the Kyani Products, Compensation Plan and simple duplicable system that anyone could follow and have success. She feels blessed that Kyani has provided her with the ability to be a stay at home Mom, enabled her to travel, and just have time freedom. Today she enjoys mentoring and coaching new teammates around the world and being a role model for her daughter and other women proving that Ladies can do it all!