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Project Description

We were introduced to the Kyani products by our daughter Macy in January 2015. With our demanding lifestyle as traditional business owners it didn’t take long to realize how unique and amazing this product truly is. Macy of course immediately signed us up as distributors since she had caught the vision of the company early on. Considering she had grown up around our family businesses in Texas, she found great value and many parallels in the founders background and conveyed that to us. Little did we truly know at the time who we were partnering with but trusting her and loving the products we started sharing it with family and friends. With the system in place it wasn’t long that we were part of a team on a mission.

We have an unrelenting passion for the Triangle of Health and due to the benefits we have experienced we feel obligated to spread the word. After all, sharing is caring and who doesn’t want good health from the inside out. With the introduction of Fleuresse, a superb anti-aging skincare line to benefit from, it’s been a win, win, win!

The Caring Hands mission truly touches our hearts. We are blessed to have a part in this company and make our contribution to impacting lives for years to come.