Car Earner Program

4000 Cars & Counting

Kyani Car Program

Who doesn’t love a reward for a job well done? You might remember the feeling you got as a child when you got a gold star or a kind comment from a teacher on your homework. Those are great experiences, but we believe in going the extra mile—literally. As thousands of Kyäni Business Partners can personally attest, there’s no feeling like earning a Kyäni Dream car! The Dream Car program was created to give you a visible reminder of all of your hard work.

Once you reach the rank of Sapphire and maintain it for at least one additional month, you qualify for a $1,000 down payment on your very own Kyäni Dream Car, as well as payments of $500 per month for as long as you maintain your rank. And as you achieve higher ranks, you earn even more. This visible symbol of success is one of the most exciting things about the Kyäni Compensation Plan. Anyone can qualify who puts in the work. We want to see you bringing your own Dream Car to the next Kyäni Road Rally!

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